Jennifer (dreampeople) wrote in rdsp2,

PLAY DEAD Texas Hold 'Em Poker Showdown!!

So the coolest thing about WHC is we're going to sponsor a Poker tournament to celebrate Play Dead!!! You can watch Tom Monteleone, F. Paul Wilson, Jack Ketchum, Mike Arnzen and 16 more authors cry like babies when they don't make their flush draw on the river. This is going to be so much fun and such good publicity for Play Dead. Each author will be playing for charity and the top three winners will get money donated to their charity.

Matt Schwartz from put together all the details and he's lining up the authors. He's done an amazing job. We knew that a Poker tournament would be a great way to promo Play Dead but I hardly know anything about Poker myself. Another cool thing is that there are going to be 50 special decks of cards and when each author participating in the tournament is eliminated they will sign a card in all the decks. The signed decks will go to the authors and sponsors, a very cool souvenir.

By the way, you can now order your tickets to the con through and the first 200 people to sign up get a bonus Jack Ketchum chapbook.

You know you wanna come.
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